Orange County man with a blood-alcohol concentration nearly 4 times legal limit (.30%), and seen driving from a bar, is charged with a DUI. Acquitted of all charges after jury trial!!!

San Diego physician charged for DUI after running 2 stop signs, failing to pull over when ordered, failing breath-alcohol tests (over .08%), failing field sobriety tests, and admitting to drinking, has case reduced to a “dry reckless!!!”

Los Angeles man is charged with DUI after illegally stopping on freeway in order to vomit, and admitting to drinking and driving. Case reduced to “dry reckless.!!!!”

Orange County man charged with serious and violent felony charges for KIDNAPPING, FALSE IMPRISONMENT BY VIOLENCE, CRIMINAL THREATS, and SIMPLE FALSE IMPRISONMENT is acquitted of all charges and immediately released from jail after jury trial!!!

Orange County man charged with serious and violent felony DOMESTIC VIOLENCE offenses, including CRIMINAL THREATS, DOMESTIC BATTERY WITH CORPORAL INJURY, and PERSONAL USE OF A DEADLY WEAPON, has case dismissed prior to preliminary hearing!!!

Los Angeles man facing felony drug possession charges has case dismissed at the preliminary hearing where his lawyer made a motion to suppress evidence for an illegal search by federal authorities!!!

Riverside County woman facing lifetime revocation of her childcare license has her license fully reinstated after successful negotiation by her attorney!!!

Orange County man facing a minimum of 30 years to life for a 3-strikes violation has new DOMESTIC VIOLENCE charges including AGGRAVATED ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON, STRANGULATION, FALSE IMPRISONMENT BY VIOLENCE, and BATTERY. After the preliminary hearing, his lawyer negotiates an immediate release from jail and acceptance into a 1-year program!!!