If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Santa Monica, you should seek immediate advice from an experienced and knowledgeable DUI lawyer in Santa Monica. In most instances, the expenses of a DUI conviction (insurance rates, license suspension, and fines) exceed the cost of retaining an experienced DUI lawyer. At California Criminal Defense Center, we are dedicated to offering the highest level of legal representation to those arrested for DUI in Santa Monica. Attorney Ardalon Fakhimi has been successfully defending individuals accused of Driving Under the Influence for the past 14 years. His practice is exclusively limited to DUI and criminal cases in Santa Monica and other areas of Los Angeles County.

Mr. Fakhimi is a prominent DUI attorney in Santa Monica who understands all prosecution strategies inside and out. He is dedicated to staying ahead of the prosecution by uncovering any conflicting evidence, violations of civil rights or procedural errors. His ability to challenge the evidence helps him develop an effective defense strategy. He has comprehensive knowledge about DUI laws and DUI science, and offers experienced, dedicated and compassionate representation for his clientele. Mr. Fakhimi has handled well over a thousand DUI cases across Southern California and defends professionals, juveniles, adults, military personnel, college students, public employees, and anyone else who faces Driving Under the Influence charges.

Ardalon Fakhimi counsels his clients on how to handle various difficulties arising after a DUI arrest. He spends a considerable amount of time explaining both the legal and non-legal ramifications of a DUI violation. He thoroughly explains what his clients can expect during various phases of their case, and he personally handles all the phases of a DUI case without assigning any tasks to other lawyers or staff members. Our highly experienced DUI lawyer in Santa Monica, has a strong relationship with the judges and prosecutors who handle all DUI’s occurring in Santa Monica.

To schedule a free and confidential telephone consultation with Mr. Fakhimi, you can call us at 1-800-DUI-KING (1-800-384-5464).