Getting arrested for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) offense can be a very stressful experience. While DUI cases can be challenging, they can be won with the assistance of a highly-experienced DUI lawyer in West Hollywood. You only have 10 days to have preserve your right to have a DMV hearing. This is the first step towards saving your driving privileges. Failing to act within 10 days will automatically result in the suspension of you license 30 days after your DUI arrest.. Ardalon Fakhimi is a dedicated lawyer at California Criminal Defense Center who has handled thousdands of DUI cases and has helped many people obtain favorable results.

Mr. Fakhimi is a leading DUI attorney in the West Hollywood area. He has expert knowledge in dealing with drug and alcohol-related DUI cases at the felony and misdemeanor levels. He also represents clients in administrative hearings with the DMV.

The fines and penalties for a DUI conviction are harsh; however, they can be minimized or even eliminated with the services of a highly-qualified lawyer. Mr. Fakhimi has expert knowledge about the law and science related to DUI cases. He reviews and discusses the best ways to beat your case, the various methods to handle the DMV hearing in an effective manner, and the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Depending on your license type, age, and previous conviction (if any), you can face:

  1. Heavy fines
  2. License suspension
  3. DUI classes
  4. Jail time or community service
  5. SR-22 insurance
  6. Probation
  7. Installation of an IID (Ignition Interlock Device)

Ardalon Fakhimi is a prominent DUI lawyer in West Hollywood who conducts a thorough case review to determine your case’s strengths and weaknesses. Some of the common defenses in a case can be issues related in inadequate police work, faulty tests, incomplete police reports, rising BAC defense and other breath or blood evidence problems. As a respected member of many nationally approved organizations committed to DUI defense, Mr. Fakhimi stays updated with the most current changes in the Driving Under the Influence laws along with the new scientific developments in these types of cases. He has also received thorough training in the use and calibration of breath-alcohol devices by law enforcement.

To schedule a confidential and free appointment with a respected DUI lawyer in West Hollywood, you can call and speak with Ardalon Fakhimi at 1-800-DUI-KING (1-800-384-5464).